Visiting Students

Ashtanga Yoga Minneapolis loves having visitors from out of town! You’re welcome to contact me first to introduce yourself, or just come practice. Here is everything you need to know.

We are located at 3754 Pleasant Ave South, Minneapolis. There is plenty of street parking, just look out for schoolbus signs or street cleaning signs. Come in the main entrance and turn to your right down the hallway (not up the stairs). We’re in the Sunroom.

WINTER PARKING NOTE: During the month of March 2019, there is no parking on the EVEN side of non-emergency routes: this means you CAN park on the opposite side of Pleasant Ave, but CANNOT park on the side our building is on. You can also park on either side of 38th St.

Accessibility: there is a ramp located on the south side of the building, along 38th Street.

Price: $20 per drop-in, $80/week, or $150/month.
Payment: Cash or check (made out to Ashtanga Yoga Minneapolis) preferred. You can also use Square Cash to pay in advance. Please pay before practicing (in the black zippered pouch next to the sign in binder).

We have one mat to loan out– so let me know to reserve it if you would like to borrow it.

Practice in the front of the room, and move to the back for finishing.

No showers available. Do as Sharath says– rub the sweat back into your skin! Then change your clothes and you’re good to go.

Confidential to intermediate and advanced practitioners: please practice only primary series your first day at AYM, and on Fridays (as our practice week is Sunday through Friday).

Schedule is here.

AIRBNB: Our building has apartments on the top floor that are available and very reasonably priced on AirBNB! AYM has nothing to do with the rentals but we think it’s a pretty great idea, if you’re looking for accommodations nearby (can’t get any nearer than upstairs!). Listing is here.

Looking forward to meeting you!