3754 Pleasant Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55409

We are located at the Center for Performing Arts in the Kingfield neighborhood of Minneapolis, 3754 Pleasant Avenue South. The building was a convent in the early 20th century, converted into its current form by Jackie Hayes as a studio, office and residence space for performing artists, fine artists, movement practitioners and therapists. We practice in the Sunroom.

Mysore Schedule

Monday-THURSDAY 6-8:30am
friday 7am led primary series (schedule below)
Sunday 8-10am

Mysore classes are open to AYM students and visiting out-of-towners with an existing practice only. Please contact Ellie prior to coming if this is your first time. Visitor info is here.

No local drop-ins for Mysore class; would you like to join our program?

Led Class Schedule

Friday October 12, 7am
friday october 19, 7am (rosemary erb)
friday october 26, 7am
friday november 3, 7am

Led classes are open to everyone. More info here.



Out of towners: $20/drop-in or $60/week.
Led classes: $20/drop-in.

We are closed on Saturdays and moon days.