3754 Pleasant Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55409

We are located at the Center for Performing Arts in the Kingfield neighborhood of Minneapolis, 3754 Pleasant Avenue South. The building was a convent in the early 20th century, converted into its current form by Jackie Hayes as a studio, office and residence space for performing artists, fine artists, movement practitioners and therapists. We practice in the Sunroom.

Mysore Schedule

Monday-Friday 6-8:30am
some Sundays 8-10am 

Holiday schedule for Memorial Day weekend:
Sunday TBA (check back)
Monday holiday hours 7-9am. 

(If it's not a moon day or a led class day, there's Mysore on Sundays. See below.)

Mysore classes are open to AYM students and visiting out-of-towners with an existing practice only. Please contact Ellie prior to coming if this is your first time. 

No local drop-ins; would you like to join our program?

Led Class Schedule

Friday june 8: 7am

Led classes are open to everyone. More info here.



Out of towners: $20/drop-in or $60/week.
Led classes: $20/drop-in.

We are closed on Saturdays and moon days.