Led Primary Series Classes

Photo credit: still image from Mysore Magic film, 2014.

Photo credit: still image from Mysore Magic film, 2014.

Most of our practice in the Ashtanga tradition is Mysore-style, that is self-paced. Once or several times per month, we come together for a led class. Why? Here are a few reasons to come to led class.

1. Practicing at a pace that is not entirely your own helps you see habits  as they are forming: do you take too long in certain poses that are comfortable? Do you go too fast in poses that are not comfortable? The pace of the led class can be challenging for this reason, but in the long run it makes you more patient and stronger.

2. It's a wonderful way to be with your community. The experience of breathing and moving together is one of connectivity and mutually uplifting energy.

Note about the sequence: if you are not yet practicing full primary in your Mysore class, you will be encouraged to stop at your last pose. The intention of a led class is not to do a bunch of new poses, but rather to connect to the rhythm of the breath in a deeper way. If you stop part way through, you can move to the back and do your closing poses on your own or wait and join back in at backbending. If you have questions about this, please ask me!

Drop-in $20, cash or check in person. Led classes are included in membership. 

Drop-in fee can be paid here if you would like to use a card. Please pay ahead of time.