On Pattabhi Jois and Sexual Abuse

I have known about the sexual abuse allegations against Pattabhi Jois since 2016, and I believe them. I never met him (my first trip to Mysore was in 2011, after he had passed away). There are no pictures of Pattabhi Jois in my shala, and I do not refer to him as Guruij. My connection to the lineage is through his grandson, Sharath, who gave me his blessing to teach in 2014. Everything I have heard, seen and experienced as a student of Sharath has been indicative of a safe teacher-student dynamic. This is important to me.

I believe the Ashtanga Yoga method has helped thousands of people in countless ways and I have great love for its practitioners, but I do not think the practice alone makes anyone, however famous, infallible. We must be willing to have hard conversations, take our teachers off pedestals, and support people who have been abused in whatever way we can. 

I work to make Ashtanga Yoga Minneapolis a safe place to practice, and I am always open to feedback or questions.