April New(moon)sletter

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Five years ago next month, I started teaching this daily Mysore program.  I was newly Authorized (though I had been teaching for seven years at that point, shhhhh) and newly pregnant with my first child, and there were some interesting parallels in my mind between learning how to be a mother and learning how to grow a Mysore program. It was just over a year later that I made the decision to move to our current location at Center for Performing Arts. 

Those of you who have practiced in a Mysore room anywhere, you know it's a special experience. The sound of breath and occasional foot-thumps, the assistance you get when it's necessary, the quiet expansive space to go deep into your own mind, the energetic support of those around you.

I don't need to belabor the point here too much; I've already gotten a little sentimental when I shared this news with current AYM students. Suffice it to say, the Mysore room is one of my absolute favorite places to be, but I have decided to step back from teaching daily morning classes in favor of being at home in the mornings when my kids wake up and get ready for the day.

A restructuring, not an ending

I see this change not as an ending of the program at AYM but a restructuring of how I can serve my purpose as a teacher while at the same time balancing my personal life in a more sustainable way.

The reason I'm resuscitating the mailing list here (hi! it's been a while!) is that this restructuring actually means that I'll have more offerings for you all, not just those who are early morning practitioners. So, without further ado, read on for my teaching plans for the next few months and beyond.

Drop-in Led Classes

Beginning this weekend, I'll be offering two led classes on Sundays. A led primary series at 8am for those with Ashtanga experience (90-100 minutes), and a led beginner class at 10am (60 minutes) for newer students, or those who want to sleep in and take it easy. :) No class on Easter Sunday 4/21.

Sundays 8am Led Primary Series
Sundays 10am Led Beginner Class


Once a month, I'll be offering workshops designed to enhance your experience of the practice and continue to foster community. All are welcome, no matter how long you've been practicing, and I'm happy to discuss any questions you have about the topics covered. More information is available here.

Saturday 5/18: The Moon Practice
Saturday 6/8: The Care and Feeding of Tight Hips
Friday-Saturday 7/12-13: Angela Jamison Weekend*
Saturday 8/10: Stabilizing Your Nervous System

*This is Angela's fourth annual visit to our community, and we are so excited to continue this connection with  her! Stay tuned for more specific information about the structure of this workshop.

Center for Performing Arts

  All of these offerings this spring and summer will continue to be at our space in the Sunroom at the Center for Performing Arts, 3754 Pleasant Ave South in Minneapolis (Kingfield neighborhood).

Mysore in April

And lastly, I will continue to teach M-F Mysore through the end of April. For those of you who are traveling, we love having visitors! Over the past five years we've had visitors from at least 10 different countries as well as all over the states, and it is lovely to connect with the global Ashtanga community in this way. Local folks with an existing practice who want to come share some energy with our group, you are welcome to drop in to Mysore class during the month of April. Come say hi.

As always, the homepage has info, schedules, moon days, etc.

I look forward to learning together in the near future!