The Doors of Perception: a Weekend with Angela Jamison
July 12-13 2019

At Center for Performing Arts, 3754 Pleasant Ave S, Minneapolis MN


I am thrilled to welcome back to Ashtanga Yoga Minneapolis for a FOURTH time Angela Jamison, a Certified Ashtanga teacher (one of only a couple dozen worldwide) from Ann Arbor, Michigan. This weekend is appropriate for all folks who practice Ashtanga, whether you are new or seasoned. Use the form below to register or to ask any questions about the weekend.

Theme of the Weekend: The Doors of Perception

In the yoga practice, the metaphysical paradigm that we are working with is the panchakosha model (the five sheaths of the human being). If we do it consciously, we can use this paradigm to develop new awareness and knowledge in our deeper layers: physical, energetic, mental, intuitive, and the bliss body. How does this model influence how we approach daily practice? How does it influence how we approach pain, injury, hardship, sorrow, or even joy?

The descriptions of these workshop sessions (with the exception of the Mysore class and the led class, which are more straightforward) are approximations and malleable, based very much on the students who attend and what is needed/wanted by the community. We have found in the last three years that this makes for a dynamic experience with a teacher who engages with what comes up presently with her students. She’ll cover these topics, but other topics will likely arise as well.

Friday July 12, 6-8:30Am

Mysore Practice

Mostly silent, fully embodied. Open to anyone who has an established Ashtanga practice (for our purposes here, this simply means you practice some or all of the primary series by heart). Please note: since we are practicing on Saturday again, the “Friday only primary” rule does not apply, and you are welcome go beyond primary if that is currently your routine).

Friday July 12, 6-8:30PM

Talk: The Pancha Kosha Model

The philosophy behind the metaphysics. We’ll get a solid understanding of the pancha kosha model, then go a little deeper to explore how exactly a practitioner of yoga can use this understanding to gain experiential, embodied wisdom.

Saturday, July 13, 8-10am

Led Primary Series

With traditional Sanskrit counting. You will learn something about your body, something about your mind, and something about your habitual patterns in this class. Come as you are; no proficiency is required.

Saturday July 13, 10:30-3

Talk and Workshop: The Epistemology of Practice

How do we know what we know? Are we simply relying on the knowledge of others who have come before us or can we show up in our practice in a way that leads to not just theoretical knowledge? This session of the workshop will be part lecture, part discussion and part technique, with an opportunity to ask questions about asana (and learn some of the method behind the answers, that can be applied to other questions that arise over time). There will be a lunch break.

Pricing— Early Bird Pricing Ends 6/15

Full workshop: $180 ($200 after June 15)

This weekend is meant to be taken as a whole, and we highly recommend that you do so. However, you may also choose to attend individual sessions a la carte. Prices below.

Friday Mysore: $35 ($40 after June 15)
Friday night talk: $45 ($50)
Saturday morning led class: $45 ($50)
Saturday Lecture/Workshop: $80 ($90)

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About Angela Jamison:

I began exploring ashtanga yoga in 2000, and have practiced daily without a break since April 2003.

I first met my teacher R. Sharath Jois on the led class tours he assisted in California in the early 2000s. For me, there was a strong recognition of him from this time. In 2009, I made the first of many 2-3 month trips to Mysore. In February 2011, he authorized me to teach. That spring, I committed to full-time Mysore style teaching, leaving a career as an economic and cultural sociologist. AY:A2 incorporated that summer. In December 2017, Sharath certified me to teach the advanced series. I will continue to travel to Mysore to practice, and to deepen my understanding of the roots of this method.

I got in to daily practice at YogaWorks Santa Monica in 2001, with Heather Radha Duplex, Joan Hyman, and their teachers Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty. When that ashtanga program dissolved a few years later, I relied on the method itself and strong community support to continue the practice.

In 2006, I met Dominic Corigliano. He taught me the subtler layers of ashtanga method. Then during 2007-08 he taught me to teach Mysore style. Dominic now visits our shala annually, inspiring me and mentoring my students. I assisted Jorgen Christiansson in 2009, and have assisted often Sharath in Mysore.

I learned formal pranayama from Rolf Naujokat in 2006, and have studied the breath systematically since that time. I now follow a gentle pranayama practice which supports the teaching work and restful states of being.

As a result of consistent pranayama, I fell in to daily sitting practice. This led to a strong desire to take silent retreat. After residential study in various traditions, I found Shinzen Young, whose understanding of the nature of consciousness integrates seamlessly with ashtanga yoga. This brings clarity to a 14-year sitting practice.

Upon moving from California to Michigan in 2009, I began experimenting with ayurveda to harmonize the climate's effects on my being. I have gradually habituated to an ayurvedic life style, and work closely with ayurvedic physicians to cultivate the vitality necessary for strong teaching practice.

Before grad school at UCLA, I studied history, philosophy and journalism at college in Oregon, and spent years doing social justice work and historical research around the world. Before that, I grew up on a ranch in rural Montana, learning from my family to value outdoor play as the most natural of all spiritual practices.

My teaching depends on the ongoing experience of being a student and explorer. I take annual silent retreat alone, in addition to study trips to India. Several accountability-partners and caregivers support the evolution of my work. And a small council of spiritual friends animate my playful inquiries into the nature of consciousness.