Ashtanga classes with Ellie Wannemacher in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The benefits of Ashtanga Yoga are available to anyone who wants to access them. new or experienced, flexible or stiff, old or young. But you do have to practice. Come as you are.

3754 Pleasant Avenue South, Minneapolis MN 55409

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Mysore Program

The last day for Mysore is Tuesday 4/30
Monday through Thursdays: Mysore 6-8:30am
Fridays: Mysore 6:30-8:30
Sundays: Led Primary Series 8am, Led Beginner Class 10am

Upcoming Moon Days

Full moon: Friday 4/19 (Also, no class 4/21 for holiday)
New Moon: Saturday 5/4
Full Moon: Saturday 5/18 * Moon Practice Workshop
New Moon: Monday 6/3

Drop-In Classes

$20, or 3 for $45. No class 4/21.

Sundays 8am: Led Primary Series
Geared towards experienced students. Traditional Sanskrit counting, not too much talking. Those who need help will get what they need.

Sundays 10am: Led Beginner Class
Sun salutations, standing poses, a few seated poses, and a modified closing sequence. A little more talking, but not enough to get in your way.

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