A Mysore-style Ashtanga program in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Taught by Ellie Wannemacher, Authorized by Sharath Jois. Newcomers to yoga and seasoned Ashtanga practitioners alike are welcome to join our community.

3754 Pleasant Avenue South, Minneapolis MN 55409

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This week’s schedule:
Mysore classes open to AYM students and visiting Ashtangis from out of town. Marked with an asterisk*: open for drop-in, $20. Marked with two asterisks**: anyone may attend, but please contact me first.

Sunday December 9: Mysore 8-10am
Monday December 10: Mysore 6-8:30am
Tuesday December 11: Mysore 6-8:30am
Wednesday December 12: Mysore 6-8:30am
Thursday December 13: Mysore 6-8:30am
Friday December 14: Led Primary Series* 7am
Sunday December 16: Mysore 8-10am

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led classes

Just want to drop in? Come for a led primary series class. More info here.



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